Minutes from January 4 2010 planning meeting

Minutes January 4, 2010

Meeting called to Order by Chair Mary Ann O’Brien, approximately 7:18 pm. Initial parent fund-raising letters will be sent out during January. Lori Citron and Lisa Snyder discussed the virtue of providing a calendar of events and list of forthcoming souvenirs available for sale to be included with the initial notice.

Treasurer Report: Jen Logue unable to attend meeting.

Publicity /Mr. LHS: Lori Citron asked how to best make video’s of previous year’s Mr. LHS programs available to students, as well as how to sell the video from this year as part of the fund-raising program. She suggested a pre-sell option for $5.00.

Corporate Fund-raising: No report.

Parent Fund-raising: no report.

Gifts/Prizes: Rosemary Cruz reported that she will begin soliciting former sponsors in March.

Food Committee: no report.

Entertainment: Cheryl Gorski reported that she is planning to rehire Tumbling Dice for the gaming tables, the 2 cartoonists, and the same DJ. Instead of a psychic, a Comedic Magician may hired to provide a live entertainment show. One half of the gym will no longer be set up with an inflatable moon bounce, the pop-a-shot game, nor the foot-ball toss. The other side of the gym will be set up with the same games as in the past, such as basketball and ping-pong.

The auditorium be used to show cartoons because they the advantage of providing variable length entertainment. Suggestions include The Simpson’s, Family Guy, The Little Rascals, and The Three Stooges. Cheryl said she would ask both the DJ and tumbling Dice if they could provide the big screens and equipment for electronic games such as Wi, X-box, Dance Dance Revolution and Guitar Hero.

The issue of posting adequate signs to identify the various open entertainment areas around the building during the evening was raised.

Balloons/Website: Lisa Snyder suggested incentive pricing for balloons, continuing to offer three styles, and buying from the same vendor. The incentive would be $3.75 if the order is received by 4/15, $4.00 if purchase is made by 5/15, and $4.25 until the final date of 6/7.

Website news is that she has set up a Facebook group, and will add information, pictures, events and links as they become available. Please visit the Project Graduation website @ lhsprojectgraduation.org.

Grants: Mary Ann O’Brien will be confidently applying for a Lawrence Township Community Foundation Grant, due in February, and also a more challenging grant from Coca Cola.

Meeting adjourned at 8:00.