Minutes from December 7 2009 planning meeting

Minutes December 7, 2009
Meeting called to Order by Chair Mary Ann O’Brian, approximately 7:08 pm.
Treasurer Report: Jen Logue: No news updates.
Publicity: Delilah Closson and Lori Citron asked to thank the person responsible for getting the nice Project Graduation (PG) notice on the last page of the Fall 2009 production of Phantom of the Opera program.
Corporate Fund-raising: Joanne McMichael reported that mailings and donations will be tracked.
Parent Fund-raising: no report.
Laurie Wilson discussed the $2,000 grant made available from the Drug and Alcohol Alliance. The next grant cycle begins January 10, 2010, and her application is ready.
Mr. LHS: Lori Citron is working hard to begin Food Nights w/Mr. LHS sooner this year. Applications for Mr. LHS go out 1/25 and must be returned by 2/2. Eligible candidates will be notified by 2/12. Their first meeting is scheduled for 2/23. The following schedule for Food Nights was presented:
3/1 Joe’s Crab Shack
3/8 Leonardo’s
3/22 Amalfi’s
–Spring Break / Passover–
4/19 Chuckles (eat in or take out)
Food Committee: Cindy DiTully is counting on an early pre-registration to indicate a better estimate of attendees for food quantities. Wings & pizza proved popular last year, the hoagies were too long and some requests for a vegetarian option, so adjustments will be made given this input.
Publicity Ideas: Mr. LHS candidates live or taped commercials for advanced tickets.
Recent graduates return to LHS to speak to Senior Class about how fun PG was for them.
“Silly Contest” (i.e. a trivia game w/a prize) for both Sr’s and Jr’s to create awareness.
Every student who completes their pre-registration at the Senior Breakfast will be eligible for a door prize.
Group discussion of problem times during the evening. 1:00 to 3:00 AM were noted as especially low points. Ideas to keep the attendees energized included having available a Wi; an X-box, Dance Party / Guitar Hero contest; Pool games; Make Your Own Sundae; Smoothie Bar; Pie eating/throwing contest; Cyber Cafe; were all ideas that were tossed out and positively received.
7:45 Mary Ann O’Brian left and passed the gavel to Jen Logue to serve as Acting Chair.
Website: Lisa Snyder reported that she will be focusing the web site on those who provide funding and what the Seniors experience by attending PG. She asked that all press releases include the new website address. She is working to get monthly blurbs in local papers.
Meeting adjourned at 8:00.