Shout Out for Mr. LHS

Just in case your student hasn’t brought home the paperwork.  This year we are selling “shout outs” to the cast which will be included in the program…..Below is the information.. We have extended the deadline to April 24.. If you are interested, please get these in to me ASAP.

thanks for your support!

Lori Citron, Peggy Thiel, Elaina Scozzari

Printable order form:  mr-_lhs_shout_out1c (pdf file)

SHOUT OUTS for the Mr. LHS Program

Give a contestant or an escort a personal one-line message that will appear in our program for the performance.  Cost of the one-line shout out(no more than 50 characters) is $2.00 and all proceeds will go towards the LHS Project Graduation.  All shout outs for the program are due on April 24, 2009.

 (e.g.)  Joey, You’re my favorite month.  Love, Grandma

(e.g.)  I think you’re one hot month, Mr. August.  Love, Pricilla

One-liners can be paid for in cash or by check. Payment is due with the submission of the one-liner. Please hand in all one-liners to Mrs. Citron or Mrs. Williams


 I have enclosed a check (payable to LHS/Project Graduation.)

for $ ________ Check # ________ Cash ________


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