Dining Out Event March 16

03/16/09 Dining Out in support of Project Graduation 5-10pm . LHS Project Graduation will host a “Pizza and Pasta fundraiser” at  Leonardo’s II.  During these hours the public is invited to a buffet supper to include:  pizza, pasta, salad, bread, dessert and refreshments.  The buffet supper costs $15.00 per person, 50% of the proceeds will support Project Graduation.

Project Graduation is a non-profit tax exempt organization with volunteers dedicated to providing a safe, substance-free all night celebration for seniors following Lawrence High School’s graduation ceremonies on June 24.

While dining at Leonardo’s II, you’ll have a chance to meet some of the twelve male seniors participating in Mr. LHS pageant that benefits Project Graduation.

For details on the Leonardo’s II fundraiser, Mr. LHS pageant, or to volunteer, contact Project Graduation chair Mary Ann O’Brien at (609) 584-1236.

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